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Vote Brian Holk for State House 53

Hello, my name is Brian Holk and I am a candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives, District 53. I am running as a Libertarian because I believe in freedom of choice and personal responsibility.

I am just a regular working man, like most of us, trying to balance work, family, budgets, and schedule. I am totally disgusted by todayís politicians and their spending and pandering. I am strongly opposed to a state income tax and for property tax and education reform. The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the constitution and should not be infringed on. Immigration should be controlled but I am against a fence across the US-Mexican border. It would take millions of dollars and hundreds of illegal workers to build it and would fail in its purpose.Texas needs skilled workers. Anyone with a valid ID should be allowed to work here.

Iím a nice guy and believe if you are nice to most people they will be nice to you. I mind my own business and expect my neighbors and the government to do the same. Personal choices should be respected as long as they cause no harm to others. No one should be punished for using the healing properties of an herb that grows wild. The war on drugs is an expensive failure, just as prohibition was, and has given us gang wars and meth labís in rural Texas counties. The only way to get drugs off the street is through controlled distribution to adults only.

Live and let live, mind your own business and Live Friendly.

Make ď"Live Friendly"Ē the new Texas motto.

Vote Libertarian this November


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